The Revolving Door Book

 "is gritty, filthy, and absurd, but it's also devastatingly honest. It tells a story of a man who loves his family, someone who's beginning to understand the impact of his reckless youth. We all have our shortcomings, our demons, but it takes a certain bravery to confront and reveal these vulnerabilities to the rest of the world."

"I had always known him to be gregarious and personable as the head doorman there. He was also as accommodating to me as a VIP as he was to the other guests. One night I went outside to try a new stogie and we struck up a memorable conversation about the interesting things that could be done with cigars. We have been trading stories ever since."

-Lawrence Taylor

"Bernard and I became close in 2003 during one of my stays at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City." 

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Bernard Montpeirous Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor


Bernard Montpeirous’s first experience in the tourist industry was serving as “copilot” in his father’s taxicab in New York City in the early seventies. While his father was waiting for his next fare, Montpeirous got to know doormen at upscale establishments in the city. On his Father's advice, he later became one himself.   

Montpeirous’ career has taken him to some of Manhattan’s oldest and most luxurious hotels. He spent seven years working at the Pierre Hotel and the last twenty years at the Roosevelt Hotel.


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Like reading Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries. Raw, real, heart wrenching. Cathartic in so many ways. I hope it was cathartic for you too, Bern. So proud of you. Hold your head up high and never look back.

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Honest account of pain, addictions and healing. One day at a time for us all Bernard, one day at a time...

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A completely raw, honest and true story of a young man in his 20’s living a fast and hardcore life but desperately wanting a “normal” one. Bernard’s recounted stories of his life working at Pierre Hotel in New York City and “borrowing” rooms of the rich and famous for their all night “linen” parties are truly shocking and riveting. You balance between disgust of his lack of loyalty to his wife Odie and true sorrow for his deep pain of not being able to be the man she deserves. Bernard’s struggles and reckless lifestyle are not completely beyond the realm of reality of someone you may know and that’s what keeps you glued. This books leave you wanting more, it’s well written and very good read.

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